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Kiwanis Club of Florence in the News

Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to
changing the world one child and one community at a time.

Kiwanis Club of Florence — Strong Supporters of Boy Scouts & Camp Westmoreland

Just a few years ago Camp Westmoreland had been allowed to deteriorate. Beautiful land with more than 4000 ft on Shoal Creek, but the Reservation and facilities maintenance had been largely ignored. The Florence Kiwanis stepped up. Initially when they built 10-12 permanent tent shelters. They then took on a major effort of rebuilding three nearly dilapidated Adirondack shelters that had been built in the 1930’s. The next year, one of the Kiwanian’s started building new Adirondack shelters of his own design. He has since completed and donated 6 of these which provides a total of 81 bunks. A local church group added handicap ramps on two of these. This individual has also provided a GaGa pit for the Scouts. (This is a 8 sided pig pen that the boys get in and play dodgeball below the knees). Another Kiwanian has built and donated an Adirondack to his design. Both of these individuals plan to build and donate more. And the Club is now providing funds to assist. In 2017, club members rebuilt the old trading post. Futhermore the kitchen has been totally updated. Other local volunteers have also been busy painting, clearing campsites, and a multitude of other good things. Last year the NRA awarded a major grant for a new Rifle Range.

The Kiwanian who built and donated the 6 Adirondack shelters and the GaGa pit plus 39 bird houses that have been put up on the Reservation by the local AKtion Club has been honored by the BSA with their highest award given a non Scout - The Heart of an Eagle. 

A beautifully restored Westmoreland BSA Reservation is now available and easily accessible to the Scouts of Northwest Alabama, Southwest Tennessee, and Northeast Mississippi.
Click here to see a slide show.

Reroofing the Cabin

Kiwanis Club of Florence 2018 All-American Poster/Essay Contest
We have now sponsored a poster and essay contest for 51 years, with the help each year of Billy Ray Warren. Billy began as an English teacher in the Florence City Schools and retired as the Director of Curriculum. He is now the City Historian for the City of Florence. Winners of the 2018 Kiwanis Poster & Essay Contest are listed below:

Poster Contest Winners:
Grades 1-2: No Entries
Grades 3-4:
      1st Wyatt Bugg–3rd Grade Rogers (Ford)
      2nd Ashlyn Rishardson–4th Grade Brooks (Farris)
      Honorable Mention: Warren Tompkins–Riverhill, Pride Tompkins–Riverhill

Grades 5-6:
      1st Finley Harscheid–6th Grade Kilby
      2nd Lillie Williams–6th Grade Brooks
      3st Chloe Mauter–5th Grade St. Joseph
      4nd Nhu Pham–5th Grade St. Joseph
Honorable Mention: Nathan Miller–St. Joseph, Emma Kate Davis–St. Joseph

Essay Contest Winners:
Grade 7:
      1st Trinity Bradley, Brooks HS
Grads 8:
      1st (Tie) Akshaya Naidu–St. Joseph
      1st (Tie) Wyatt Sullivan–St. Joseph
      2nd Alex Lewis–St. Joseph
      3rd Bao Phal–St. Joseph

      Honorable Mention: Nadia Fields, Justin Hendon, Tam Nguyen– All St. Joseph
Grade 11:
      1st Madelyn Hunter–Brooks High
      2nd Ryan Frost
–Brooks High

Cash prizes awarded in the poster contest were $50 for first, $40 for second, and $30 for third, and $20 for fourth place. Cash prizes for the essay winners were $100 for first, $70 for second, and $40 for third place. Honorable mentions get a hearty congratulations. First place winners also receive a certificate of achievement, suitable for framing. In addition to these cash awards, for the first time, the contest winners decided to offer rewards to teachers who produced a good showing from their students. This year (2018) a $75 Longhorn Steakhouse gift card was given to Ms. Katherine Crow (St. Josheph Regional Catholic School), who was the teacher for all the winners in the 8th grade contest, and a $50 Olive Garden gift card was sent to Mr. Phillip Garrett (Brooks High School), who was the teacher for both winners in the 11th grade. The contest was publicized on our Facebook Page and a picture of the winners was posted there after the presentations were made at the club meetings.

Salvation Army Playground:
Men from Florence Kiwanis Club assisted in the installation of brand new playground equipment at the local Salavation Army facilties on Huntsville Road. Click here to see a slide show.

Download By the Numbers brochure:
This document provides information on facts involving statistics on maternal and neonatal tetanus as well as the effect of the gifts made to The Eliminate Project.

Diamond Hixson Recognition for Ivan Stafford:
Ivan Stafford was awarded a Diamond Hixson in recognition of his years of service to Kiwanis, with a special nod to his leadership in the multi-year project of building permanent tents on platforms at Scout Camp Westmoreland. Being awarded a Diamond Hixson means Ivan has previously been named a Hixson Fellow. He joins John Harris as the other Diamond Hixson Fellow in our club.

Worldwide Report Day
July 1, 2014 was our sixth Worldwide Report Day. It is your chance to find out where the Kiwanis family currently stands in our efforts to raise US$110 million and protect the connection between millions of moms and babies. Team members, supporters and partners from all over the world are turning in, including UNICEF. Don't miss your chance to join. Visit www.TheEliminateProject.org/wwrd for important campaign updates. You can also follow on Twitter and Facebook. We have less than 12 months left in The Eliminate Project. History is waiting. Time is not.

Hollis Wilson Receives Zeller Award!
Hollis Wilson
Mr. Hollis Wilson receives the coveted Kiwanis Zeller Award from Florence Kiwanis President Juli Moritz. This award was made possible by an anonymous Florence Kiwanis member's $1,200 donation to the Eliminate Project which is Kiwanis global project to eliminate Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus worldwide.

Michael Broder presents TVA check.

Michael Broder (left) presents a $500.00 check from the Tennessee Valley Authority to Kiwanis Club of Florence's president, Juli Moritz, which will be used by the club to offset Pancake Day expenses and ultimately help fund scholarships for local area high school students and local charities.

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