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Kiwanis Club of Florence Scholarships for 2019

Florence Kiwanis is proud to benefit local high school students of the Florence, Alabama area providing scholarship award programs created through community fund raising events, sponsors, and club volunteers.

Kiwanis will award $9000.00 in academic scholarships to senior students at the following high schools:

  • Brooks High School
  • Florence High School
  • Central High School
  • Rogers High School
  • Shoals Christian School
  • Wilson High School

Scholarships may be applied toward the student’s tuition, books, fees, or expenses at the college or university of the recipient’s choice.

To be eligible for this scholarship, the student must be a graduating senior at one of the above named high schools, a member in good standing in the Key Club, and have maintained not less than a “B” average. The Scholarship Committee will award the scholarship to the students it deems the most suitable applicants considering many factors including, but not limited to, scholastic performance, extra-curricular activities, Key Club participation, and future goals. The committee desires to pick the recipient by evaluation of the application, student essay, and letter or letters of recommendation.

2019 information letter for high school Key Club students: (Click here for a PDF)

2019 application form for high school Key Club students: (Click here for a PDF)

2018 Awards and Scholarships
Key Club:
Brooks HS - Emily Isbell ($1,500)
Rogers HS - Chloe Danley ($1,500)
Florence HS - Julia Riedel ($1,500)
Shoals Christian School - Sarah Benson ($1,500)
Shoals Christian School - Katie Heinkel ($1,500)
Wilson HS - Leah Burns ($1,500)

2017 Awards and Scholarships
Key Club:
Brooks HS -Mary Ann Jimenez ($1,500)
Rogers HS - Macy Delano ($1,500)
Florence HS - Taylor Roberson ($1,500)
Shoals Christian School - Isabella Simmons ($1,500)
Wilson HS -Wesley Yielding ($1,500)

2016 Awards and Scholarships
Key Club:
Brooks HS - Houston Wallace ($1,500)
Central HS - Ciara Pilkinton ($1,500)
Florence HS - Kayla Holcombe ($1,500)
Shoals Christian School - Mattie Clemmons ($1,500)
Wilson HS - Abbigail Morgan ($1,500)

Circle K:
University of North Alabama - Brayan Patlin ($500)
University of North Alabama - Yvonne Makori ($500)
University of North Alabama - Kathlein Napoles ($500)

2015 Awards and Scholarships

University of North Alabama - Dustin Phillips ($1500.00)
University of Alabama - Lindsay Lovelace ($1500.00)
University of Alabama - Grace Greenwelll ($1500.00)
University of Mississipp- Levi Cade Bevis ($1500.00)

2014 Awards and Scholarships
Rogers HS - Sydney A. McDonald ($1500.00)
Shoals Christian School - Ruthana J. Corn ($1500.00)
Wilson HS - Isabela D. Wilson ($1500.00)

University of North Alabama - Kayla Land ($1000.00)
University of North Alabama - Danialle Crooks ($500.00)

2013 Awards and Scholarships
Brooks HS - Ms. Erica Blackstock ($1500.00)
Central HS - Ms. Kristin Spiller ($1500.00)
Florence HS - Ms. Anna Dillard ($1500.00)
Rogers HS - Mr. Tyler Delano ($1500.00)
Shoals Christian School - Ms. Bethany Triplett - ($1500.00)
Wilson HS - Mr. Brett Black ($1500.00)

University of North Alabama - Ms Bonnie Brzytwa($1500.00)

2012 Awards and Scholarships
Brooks High School - Ms. Chapelle Ayres ($1500.00)
Rogers High School - Ms. Meredith Hamner ($1500.00)
Florence High School - Ms. Gabrielle Lindley ($1500.00)
Central High School - Ms. Heather Brady ($1500.00)
Wilson High School - Ms. Maleah Givens ($1500.00)

2011 Awards and Scholarships
Brooks High School - Aundrea Bevis ($1500.00)
Rogers High School - Katie Lopp ($1500.00)
Florence High School - Preston Hairell ($1500.00)
Central High School - Dylan Shaw ($1500.00)
Wilson High School - Hallie Mitchell ($1500.00)

Presenters: Ron Paulus, Sam Brentall and Randy Whitten.
Scholarship Committee: John Harris, Ron Paulus, Jim Engelthaler, Rachel Strong and Michael Broder.

2010 Awards and Scholarships
Brooks High School - Brian L. Horne ($1500.00)
Rogers High School - Kassandra K. Trousdale ($1500.00)
Florence High School - Hope L. Garner ($1500.00)
Central High School - Jessica L. Austin ($1500.00)
Wilson High School - Dylan H. Marks ($1500.00)

2009 Awards and Scholarships

Brooks High School - Siobhan Gehrs ($1,500)
Brooks High School - R.T. Ayres ($1,500)
Wilson High School - Scarlet Boyd ($1,500)
Rogers High School - Cara Pettus ($1,500)
Rogers High School - Chasity Baker ($1,500)
Waterloo High School - Carrie Parrish ($500 - APTV Young Heroes program)
Central High School - Katti Benish ($500 - People to People Student Ambassador Program)

2008 Awards and Scholarships
Central High School - Sara Jones
Brooks High School - Molly Nicole Fenn
Wilson High School - Lacy Michelle Triplett
Florence High School - Caroline Nelson

2007 Awards and Scholarships
Central High School - $1,500 - Ms. Emily Denise Austin
Florence High School - $1,500 - Ms. Julie Beth Muhlendorf
Wilson High School - $1,500 - Ms. Chelsea Ashton Cernosek

2006 Awards and Scholarships
Florence High School - Sarah Megan Lovelace
Florence High School - Anna Austin
Wilson High School - Mallory Carter

2005 Awards and Scholarships

Michelle Lynn Stephenson, Charter Circle K President of UNA
2005 Kiwanis International Past Presidents Scholarship Award ($500)
Fall 2004 Florence Kiwanis UNA Charter President’s Scholarship Award ($750)
Kimberly West, UNA Circle K President
Spring 2005 Florence Kiwanis Scholarship winner ($750)
Katherine Ray, UNA Circle K Secretary
Fall 2005 Florence Kiwanis Scholarship winner ($750)
Wilson High School Key Club
Florence Kiwanis Scholarship Award ($1,000)
Florence High School Key Club
Florence Kiwanis Scholarship Award ($1,000

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